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Miscellaneous Testimonials

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San Francisco Auto Accident Chiropractors Testimonial

Dr. Dan Latch has a gift for helping people. I really feel like he is listening to me when I share my concerns and it's not like I'm some faceless body going through a revolving door the way it is with some doctors. I highly recommend him if you want RESULTS.

- Naz Khan

San Francisco Auto Accident Chiropractors Testimonial

I've had the opportunity to have adjustments by Dr. Candice multiple times. She is gentle, patient as well as instructive, explaining each adjustment.

After not having an adjustment for quite sometime, I went an for an adjustment and the next day I felt great, as if my whole body were "aligned".

I also had the opportunity to have a professional massage there by Jessica - it was great as she focused on areas that needed the most work.

- Daniel P.

San Francisco Auto Accident Chiropractors Testimonial

Dr Candice is a really good chiropractor, she is accessible for emergency and regular treatment, he treat my 3 kids and us. She knows what to say and how to say it, to make you aware of your bad habits. She is really good with kids as she is patient, kind, and she really care. The facility is clean and confortable.

- Frederique C.

San Francisco Auto Accident Chiropractors Testimonial

I've been a patient of Dr Candice So for more than a year now and I couldn't be happier. She is sweet, a good listener and a good doctor. Since I started I've noticed a great improvement and I am really thankful for that.

And the staff! They are all really nice and helpful, always available and eager to solve any problems you may encounter. Choosing them will be one of your best decisions ever!

- Laia G.

San Francisco Auto Accident Chiropractors Testimonial

Dr Daniel is amazing. Has been my chiropractic and my husband's for over 8 years. Fast and on time.

- Lu B.

San Francisco Auto Accident Chiropractors Testimonial

I have been seeing Dr. Candice So for about a year now and I feel great. The first few months I was seeing her a lot to help heal all that was going on and get me to a good place. Now I see her once a month for an adjustment. The office staff is friendly nice and accommodating. Dr. Candice is patient and kind, she takes her time and you can tell she really cares. They are really great to my kids when I have to take them in and they are really great for last minute appointments. Parking is pretty easy even though it's on Van Ness, I haven't ever had a problem. I do prefer to go in the morning before the meters start. If you have been putting off seeing a chiro, it is well worth it, as it is a vital part of keeping your body healthy and can effect all parts of how it functions.

- Jennifer H.

San Francisco Auto Accident Chiropractors Testimonial

Dr. So is the best. He has been my chiropractor for years, and I would never consider seeing anyone else. I suffered for decades with numerous painful symptoms of lupus, and the chiropractic adjustments have restored my quality of life. I am grateful to have found a knowledgeable and caring professional like Dr. So.

- Julie P.

San Francisco Auto Accident Chiropractors Testimonial

Dr. Daniel Latch is amazing!! I've been seeing him for over 3 years and it never fails to impress on me his professionalism, friendliness and just badassness at being a chiropractor. He knows his stuff and I leave each session feeling like a million bucks. I see him off and on and twice weekly if my posture has killed me.

He genuinely wants me to be healthy and feel better and goes out of his way to accommodate my schedule, last-minute run ins and budget. He is truly amazing. i wish every doctor was as wonderful as Dr. Latch. What a professional.

- Mariana G.

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