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By performing precise, detailed chiropractic adjustments, a licensed Chiropractor like Dr. David Latch, D.C. from Latch & So Chiropractic can help treat your injury through various chiropractic treatment methods to give your body a much better chance of recovering properly. This means less chronic pain, decreased stiffness, reduced disc degeneration, and fewer pinched nerves. We can assist in the alleviation of your pain and help you rebuild your spinal structures. These treatment options also dramatically reduce future injuries from occurring. If you are feeling pain or discomfort, schedule a consultation with a trusted San Francisco Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor from Latch & So Chiropractic today!


Meet Our Team

Our individual care plans allow us to provide the most effective treatment for your condition. We aim to reduce the amount of pain and discomfort you feel. Our goal is for you to leave our office feeling stronger and more relaxed than you did when you walked in.

Dr. David Latch, D.C. | San Francisco Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor
Dr. David Latch, D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. David Latch Graduated from San Francisco's University High School in 1986,From there he went on to the University of California at Santa Barbara where he graduated from in 1991. Dr. Latch has received a BA in Biological Sciences.

Served as a representative on the Student Council at Life Chiropractic College west from 1996 through 1997.

Graduated Magna cum Laud from Life Chiropractic College West in San Lorenzo California in 1997. Received a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Organized a yearly event called Kids Day America, a national Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness Day for children.

Has appeared on Bay TV, KMTP TV Channel 32 and the KCBS 740 radio station discussing health issues, educating and informing the community.

Member of the California Chiropractic Association.

Gives Lectures on Health and Spinal Care Classes at his office and out in the community, increasing awareness on health related topics.

Lives in San Francisco with his wife, Rachel and his 2 daughters, Christy and Brooke.

Dr. Kenneth So, D.C. | Whiplash Treatment San Francisco
Dr. Kenneth So, D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic

Graduated from Palmer College East in 1976.

Club Chiropractor for 24-Hour Fitness and Federal Fitness Center.

Qualified Medical Examiner for the State of California.

Dr. Dan Latch, D.C. | Chiropractic Care in San Francisco
Dr. Dan Latch, D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic

Bachelor of Science degree at U.C.L.A in Biology.

Graduated Cum Laude at Life Chiropractic West in 1997.

Fluent in Spanish, he practiced 2yrs. in El - Salvador where he established the first Chiropractic Clinic in the Country's History.

Has a monthly radio show about Chiropractic on Spanish radio 1010am.

Dr. Candice So, D.C.| San Francisco Auto Injury Chiropractors
Dr. Candice So, D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Candice So's mission and purpose are to touch lives by inspiring and giving physical, emotional and spiritual hope and health to every individual she encounters. Dr. Candice is a native San Franciscan, graduate of San Francisco University High School, double major alumnus of Vanderbilt University in Spanish & Economics, and graduate of Life Chiropractic College West.

Dr. Candice speaks English, Spanish, and Chinese with her patients. Her practice includes infants, athletes, elderly persons, pregnant women, chefs, disabled persons, engineers, and many more. Dr. Candice practices the most advanced, safe, and gentle techniques. She is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and is Webster Technique certified.

She has volunteered her time and chiropractic skills and served in Ghana, Africa (2010) and Siem Reap, Cambodia (2011). Dr. Candice also believes in local community service and has spoken at senior citizen homes, non-profits, schools, San Francisco International Airport and private companies, such as Practice Fusion (San Francisco, CA) and Cellasic Corp (Hayward, CA). When not in the clinic, you can find Dr. Candice exploring a new restaurant or cafe, engaging in conversation, volunteering in the Tenderloin, or watching a game.

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