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Back Pain Testimonials

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San Francisco Auto Accident Chiropractors Testimonial

My back was killing me and I couldn't take the pain anymore, but after you took care of me I feel great. I really appreciate you taking good care of me. Thank you very much.

- L.G.

San Francisco Auto Accident Chiropractors Testimonial

I used to go here with my mother. San Francisco Auto Accident Injury Clinic saved her spine. 5 stars because my mom is able to work now and is doing great!

- S.S

San Francisco Auto Accident Chiropractors Testimonial

My neuro surgeon wanted to perform spinal fusion since the two operations he performed did not help me. Even after the first week I noticed a considerable change. It has ben six months now and I am back to work. I was able to graduate from nursing school. My pain is almost non-existant and I feel like a new person. I will never - I MEAN NEVER make the same mistake I did years ago and stop going to my chiropractor!

- L.H.

San Francisco Auto Accident Chiropractors Testimonial

I had a terrible pain in my lower back- I could not bend over at all, tie my shoes, or do certain daily tasks such as getting dressed without excruciating pain. I didn't need painkillers, I needed HELP! So I came here on my own to find out what chiropractic was all about. My progress started out slow and I was still in pain, but it was helping. After one and a half months of treatment by Dr. David Latch, I am feeling 100% better. I can bend over without pain and I can do things without wincing in pain every time I try. I would now recommend Chiropractic care before any other. Chiropractic has made a world of difference in my life!

- S.V.

San Francisco Auto Accident Chiropractors Testimonial

I had terrible back pain and they really helped me out when no one else could. I was sick of taking pain killers to cover up the pain. I saw Dr David Latch, but I think all the doctors are good and they're very experienced. They're not too expensive like some places, too.

- A.Y.

San Francisco Auto Accident Chiropractors Testimonial

I am glad I visited Dr Daniel Latch... I can say that my back hadn't feel this great in years! I have only been to 3 adjustments with him but I have felt great since the 1st one! I completely recommend!..

- Salo D.

San Francisco Auto Accident Chiropractors Testimonial

I started a new job and my back pain was getting considerably worse - when I got introduced to Dr. Candice So, it was like a match made in heaven! She always accommodates me with appt times that work best for me and makes it clear that she cares. But the best part of it all, ever after 1 week of seeing Dr. Candice, my back at work improved significantly and she gave me tips on what I should be cautious about doing during my daily routines. Not to mention her staff members are super nice, and during the first visit, they took time to explain everything to me and educate me..

- Anne K.

San Francisco Auto Accident Chiropractors Testimonial

I woke up Friday morning with EXCRUCIATING pain on my lower back, by Saturday morning I was totally paralyzed by the pain, crying and afraid.This was more painful than the 2 children I gave birth to! My daughter called Latch Chiropractic and withing 1/2 hours I was able to see the doctor, the staff was super nice and I was able to get all the help and attention I need it on the spot. By Saturday evening I was able to walk again. Today is Sunday and I will go to my friends house for dinner! Monday, another visit to Dr Latch and I am so looking forward to it! I need to say thank you too!!!..

- Elise H.

San Francisco Auto Accident Chiropractors Testimonial

One of the best decisions I have made in my life. It really did turn my world around. I admit to my friends that my body felt worst than that of a 90 year old. And there were times where I would feel jealous when I would see someone running around with a smile because I was no longer able to do the same without feeling pain in my back. I was 26 years old when I first went to Dr. Latch and I have suffered from extreme back pain since I was 18. No accident nor traumatic event. I remember clearly one night after work where I had to sit down and lean against a wall because an excruciating pain in my back was no longer bearable and I felt like I couldn't hold myself up. That's when I finally decided to see a chiropractor(recommended by my uncle ). Kaiser doctors kept saying that it was normal and there was nothing wrong with me. I knew they were wrong. I went to see Dr. Latch and recommend that others do the same if they find themselves in a similar predicament.

Now, I can run around with my nephew with a smile on my face. I can be active once again. And most of all, I don't base my life decisions on my back. I can go out without worrying of taking pain killers or ending the night early. I live my life now.

- Michelle T.

San Francisco Auto Accident Chiropractors Testimonial

Due to previous snowboarding falls and sitting at a desk all day, lower back pains were starting to bug me. I hadn't considered seeing a chiropractor before because I thought I'd recover naturally. Well, natural recovery and age are inversely related, and untreated problems become more apparent with age.

When the pain started affecting me in 2008, I went to Dr. Kenneth So for help. He took x-rays during the first consultation and showed me the difference between my spine and the ideal alignment. At first I got weekly adjustments, and after improvement, I went in for bi-weekly adjustments. Now, I see Dr. So less often and especially after getting home from long hours sitting on a plane.

The office does get busy during certain times of the day so I prefer going after work. There was only one time that I was kept waiting, but I'm usually seen within 15 minutes of arrival. If I get busy at work and can't make my appointment, I call in last-minute to cancel and reschedule. How many offices take last-minute cancellations?

- Pam L.

San Francisco Auto Accident Chiropractors Testimonial

I sought out a chiropractor after a few months at a new job and noticed some lower back pain, presumably from the ill-configured workspace. I was referred to Dr. So by a friend, and I'm glad I went.

The level of service here is amazing. The office is large, well-lit, and clean. I can't stand super-crowded, dark, and dirty offices, especially when those offices are meant to promote health. If you share the same OCD traits when it comes to cleanliness, Dr. So's office will not disappoint.

Checking in is ezpz. You get a card (like a credit card) and all you have to do is swipe it at the computer when you get in. Then someone will call you over the intercom once your doctor is ready to see you. Having scheduled appointments, I've never had to wait more than five minutes to see Dr. So. I do, however, see many people in the waiting area at times, though I don't know if these are walk-ins or in to see other doctors--point being, make an appointment with Dr. So! I guess the other doctors don't tend to their patients as quickly?

But that's enough about the facilities; now on to Dr. So. She's friendly, warm, and personable. Not intimidating and no marketing gimmicks. You get honest, loving, and professional care. She's efficient, and has me in and out in under half an hour, unless of course I stick around to chat (which is often the case). But for those times that I do have other commitments, being able to be in and out quickly is much appreciated.

Her care for you will go well beyond your spinal ailments. On a visit a week before Christmas, she surprised me with some cookies! Though of course I can't guarantee she'll do the same for you (sorry if you read this, Dr. So, and have hordes of people asking for free cookies!).

All in all, a well-deserved 5 stars. My back hasn't hurt in months and I feel more awake throughout the day (she says it's from better posture). I like to make the joke that Dr. So's service is "so-so", but clearly it is far better.

- Gordon K.

San Francisco Auto Accident Chiropractors Testimonial

I first sought out care from Dr. Candice So when my 5 year old hopped onto my back and I felt a "pop" in my mid to upper back area, causing an ache and a numbing sensation. I had heard from friends that the practice was the best in town, so I quickly scheduled an appointment with Dr. So. She helped me get over that back issue and had begun to work on some long-standing alignment issues when I was rear-ended while driving. Fortunately I was already on the schedule and my neck issues were also resolved in a fairly short amount of time with bi-weekly visits. Now I am am on a maintenance schedule. One of the things I appreciate most about Dr. So's approach is how she promotes whole body health and is always encouraging me to make little adjustments in my daily routine (how I sit, stand, look at my phone, carry my handbag...and even how I eat and rest) to keep me healthy. They have a lot of written information to look through as well. I also appreciate how the doctors work together to make sure everyone is taken care of. A couple of times when Dr. So was not available, Dr. Kenneth So stepped in without missing a beat (love the electronic medical records). Checking in is as easy as swiping a card, so that's a plus too. I am really thankful for the great care I receive and know it's going to make a huge difference in my health long-term.

- Gordon K.

San Francisco Auto Accident Chiropractors Testimonial

I'd like to share my story with those who are suffering from the back pain and don't know they can get help from a skillful chiropractor like Dr. So.

This is my story. I've been having a back pain for 10 years with ups and downs, but I was able to manage it mostly with massage. In July 2012 I started having much stronger sciatica pain, and nothing helped: I tried massage, Chiroptactic, physical therapy, and epidural shot. The last one gave me relief for four weeks only.

In June 2013 it became so bad that I could hardly walk two blocks. I was desperate and at this point my coworker who had the similar symptoms told me that she was getting better due to the chiropractic treatment from Dr. So. At that time I was very skeptical about chiropractic, and I've never used it before, but I didn't have other choices except surgery which I really considered as a last resort.

So I decided to try and started my treatment in the end of June. As Dr. So promised, the first improvement I got after one week when my condition changed from "very bad" to "bad". During subsequent sessions improvement was very slow until I had about 30 sessions. After that it was getting better considerably, and I was able to walk longer distances. On September 14th I was able to make 5.5 miles with no pain at all. This is like a miracle that I was hoping for.

Many thanks to Dr. So for giving my life back to me. I also want to mention that San Francisco Auto Accident Injury Clinic office is highly professional and staff is very friendly. I hope my review will help somebody to make right decisions regarding their health problems.

- Irina M.

San Francisco Auto Accident Chiropractors Testimonial

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Latch. I've been seeing him for the last 10 years or so and each time I see him, I leave his office feeling like brand new! I was so skeptical about seeing a chiro 10 yrs. ago because I really didn't know anything about them, and it was just a recent discovery to me.

Luckily I worked with someone who basically forced me to go see one when I got a back flare up, and I was lucky to end up with Dr. Latch. He is not only an excellent chiropractic, but he's the nicest human being on earth. He is gentle with his patients and I really feel that he truly cares about them. I also like the fact that on your first visit, they educate you about your injury and teach you about how to better deal with your injury.

This was definitely a plus for me because no M.D. had been able to give me those instructions in the past. Besides! no meds were at all recommended by Dr. Latch which is another big plus for me. They are a very well organized, professional, and friendly office that I will always recommend to all of my friends and family.

- Karla D.

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